Studying Tips

To do well in any class, no matter how intelligent you may be, you will at some point have to put in extra work and study the material. The reason why most people dislike studying is because they simply do not know how to do it correctly! You would be surprised how many different people study in inefficient or ineffective ways, wasting hours of their time pouring over textbooks weeks before the exam only to perform poorly on test day. This is because it isn’t about the raw volume or quantity that you study that makes it worth-while, but the efficiency and quality in which you do it. The reason that reading the entire textbook over and over, attempting to memorize every detail doesn’t work, is simply because it is too overwhelming. It is very similar to putting too much electric current into a circuit with a lightbulb. All you are going to do is blow the bulb. Instead, you should outline the material for a test, first learning what the subject of the test will be in, then break each part of the book down into small summaries, memorizing and understanding only key facts. Making these distinctions between necessary facts and unnecessary ones is the key to good study time.

Another good study tip is to break up your study time! You should never spend more than an hour or so at a time studying. This is because your mind is freshest and has the most absorbent during this time. After that, you will likely become fatigued, greatly reducing the retention rate, and more than likely, simply wasting your time.

Betty Waltersdorf is a professional English instructor who says that the most successful students are those with good study habits.

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